Step by Step Instructions

Whether you are using an Android or Apple device here are step by step instructions for using the application.

Click the link below for a step by step visual guide to using the application:
Class Updates User Guide
Android & Apple Users Instructions for Students:

1 On your Android Device go to the Google Play Store and search for Class Updates
2 Click on the icon to download the application
3 Once downloaded click on the app to open for the first time and sign up as either a Student or Teacher
4 Once opened Register as a Student by inputting your Email Address and creating a new Password or simply use Facebook to login
5 In the Profile section, upload a photo (can upload more than one)
6 Create your user profile by filling out the required fields indicated with a red asterisk
7 From the Dashboard, select Add a Class (the second item on the list)
8 Select the class(es) you want to add by checking the box(es) to the right of the Classes list
9 Subscribe to the classes selected
10 Confirm the classes you are subscribed by viewing your Dashboard under “Recent Updates”
11 Click “My Classes” on the Dashboard (3rd on the list) to view your list of courses that you are enrolled in under “Courses”
12 Click “Teachers” to see your teachers for the courses you are enrolled in
13 Under “My Classes” with “Courses” selected, click on any class that you are enrolled in to see an Overview of your course and/or a list of your classmates who are also enrolled in the course
14 Once you select a course, click “Overview” to see class details (start date, end date, bldg. #, room #, meeting time)
15 Click on “Email Teacher” if you need to email your teacher
16 Click on “Classmates” to see your classmates in the selected course.
17 Click on the name of any classmate in your class to see their profile, with the option to contact them by email or connect using their social links (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat)
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