Class Updates Anti-Bullying Policy

The Class Updates Team takes cyber bullying and policies to prevent such actions on it’s platform extremely serious. We have a zero tolerance policy for such behavior and do not want any Class Updates users experience to be prohibitive due to such behavior. The Class Updates anti-bulling policies and procedures are detailed below to help you keep safe while using our communication tool and to also report any such behavior so we can take prompt action to ensure our users safety. You control your experience joining classes that you are a part of and adding classmates whom you can connect with via Social Media channels. You can choose whether to accept or decline a classmate to avoid and stop any unwanted messages.

Your Safety is a Priority

Above anything else your safety is a priority. We ask that we work together and to report any such bullying seen at a school you are a part of and anything you may see while using the Class Updates application. Teamwork is important and we always ask for you to communicate and speak up to let somebody know to ensure that the application is used for it’s intended purposes to help improve engagement across schools.

Messages Can’t Be Deleted

Every message sent on Class Updates is put onto a ledger in the database that is not deleted until it’s expiration date. Some universities have policies where we send them the stored information for your safety and security. Data is only deleted before hand if we’re required by law to delete the information. These records allow our team, in partnership with teachers and administrators, to identify when cyber bullying, abuse, or harassment occurs on our platform.

Report Cyber bullying situations on our platform

All Class Updates users are highly encouraged to proactively report any cyber bullying, harassment, or abuse that they see or experience while using our application. Bullying can encompass harsh words, rumors, threats of violence, danger to yourself or classmates, or exclusion from groups or activities; if you believe something can be described as bullying we ask that you report it to be on the safe side as your safety is the top priority for Class Updates.
Users who have been reported may receive a warning or be banned from using the chat function. It may also result in a deletion of the account if bullying is occurring.

Reach Out For Help

If you’re a victim of Cyber bullying  on our platform or off and or are worried about being a danger to yourself or others, please do not hesitate to contact the following assistance: